November 30, 2004

Better going down

The term “morning sickness” is totally misleading. They should call it “all day long sickness” because Andrea gets sick any time. To her credit, she has not lost too many lunches, so to speak, when she’s feeling nauseous. Tonight, however, was not her night.

Let’s just say, the Taco Bell 7-layer burrito looked a lot better when I handed it to her than it did in the bathroom sink.

November 27, 2004

San Diego is a great place to visit

One of the books I’ve been reading about twins made a casual reference about couples with twins not being able to sit together when they fly. I was unsure as to why this would be the case so I asked the flight attendant on our flight back from Colorado about this. She explained that there is only one extra oxygen mask per row. If we have two babies sitting on laps, there aren’t enough masks to go around. She also said that we probably wouldn’t even be seated across from each other since these extra masks are often used by flight attendants as they move around the cabin during an emergency and they don’t want too many taken up in one area of the plane. If we want to make sure we can sit together, we need to buy one extra seat.

It looks like we’ll be relying on family to visit us for the next couple of years.

November 24, 2004

All I want for Christmas… Part II

In my prior post, I listed some high-cost toys but now I get a bit more practical.

First, is the Ryobi AirGrip Laser Level. This level is great for the one-man jobs around the house. It attaches to dry wall, wall paper and other similar services. I couldn’t find it at the Ryobi website, but it is sold at The Home Depot for $40.

Keeping with the home improvement theme, this hammer by Estwing, looks so cool, I’d go looking for things to hammer. It’s weight-forward design makes swinging it easy and drives in those pesky nails more efficiently. And it’s a steal at $30.

Finally, for the stocking stuffer, the most high tech razor around. The Gillette M3Power razor has a tiny motor that vibrates the three blades side to side to help saw through stubble, leaving your face as smooth as a baby’s (or two!) bottom.

Price Check on Huggies

I was reading a book about twins that chronicles conception through the first year. I stopped short when I read the following…

“In the beginning, you can expect each infant to go through 10 diapers a day.”

I’m no math genius but even I know that equals 140 diapers – a week. If you do not have it now, buy stock in Huggies.

Someone mentioned we should get a diaper genie. If a diaper genie magically makes 140 diapers appear each week, I’m sold.

November 23, 2004

All I want for Christmas… Part I

Thanks to the folks at Men’s Health magazine, I have come up with some great Holiday gifts for us guys. Here are a few of my favorites…

For the guy who refuses to ask for directions, a 3-D portable GPS navigation system from Tom Tom called the Tom Tom Go. Only $900!

I never leave home without my sunglasses. Now I don’t have to leave home without my tunes either with the Oakley Thump MP3 Sunglasses. $395 for 128mb or $495 for 256mb.

The geniuses at Nike figured out that the best running shoe is the bare foot. The Nike Free is designed to mimic your bare foot in running. This looks like a really cool shoe. Only $100!

November 21, 2004

Nowhere to Run

Is it me, or does this look like some baby torture chamber

November 20, 2004

Don’t Mess with a Pregnant Woman

Andrea has a friend who had a baby and six months later her husband left her.

Our conversation today:

Andrea: You better not leave me six months after having twins.
Me: (sarcastically) *Sigh* Okaaaaaaaaay.
Andrea: ‘Cause if you do, I’ll kill you.

(P.S. It must be emphasized that Andrea was kidding. No real threats were made in the making of this post.)

Thug Ball

Tonight was the most embarrassing moment in NBA history. Just a bunch of thugs making lots of money. Disgusting.

November 19, 2004

Double the pleasure

Today is the day after. The day after what, you ask Well, today is the day after I found out we’re having twins. Twins! – As in two. More than one but less than three. A number not usually associated with having a baby. Plural. Not singular. We don’t ususally go around saying “We’re having babies.” But, nevertheless, here we are.

And while I’m still stunned, I am also ecstatic. It’s funny how the reaction of every one I told was almost like mine when I found out.

The typical conversation today:

Me: We’re having twins!
Them: Wow. Twins. Wow!
Me: Yeah, do that 100 times more and you’ll be where I was last night.

November 18, 2004

And Baby Makes… Four?

My wife and I are expecting. Today was Andrea’s first doctor appointment and I, unfortunately, could not be with her. I returned home to find Andrea with her first ultrasound photos. She showed me the first two that clearly looked like a small blob-like baby in a dark sac.

Then she showed me a third ultrasound photo that clearly showed TWO blob-like babies in TWO dark sacs.

I’m sure I’ll get over the shock. I just hope it’s before they are born.

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