January 8, 2004

The name game

I’ve started to think of names. I’ve started with boy names since I watch a lot of football. I thought I might find some inspiration there.

Here’s a list of my favorites so far.

1) Peerless. Without peers. I like it. Nice and strong. Never mind that I’m setting the kid up for a huge fall.

2) Arnaz. I can’t think of anything embarrasing that rhymes with Arnaz.

3) Laveranues. Filed under the “why not” category.

4) Obafemi. He went to my high school – so there’s a connection.

5) Priest. A strong Catholic name.

6) Mewelde. Atleast he won’t have the problem of having classmates with the same name.

7) Moe. Because everyone likes Moe.

8) Peyton. Because now that there’s a star NFL QB with the same name, he wouldn’t get his ass kicked as much.

9) Roc. Another strong name. A kid named Roc won’t be picked on.

10) Ashley. Because if he turns out to be a she, we’ll need a back up.


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