February 6, 2005

Dead Head Babies

I’m having some weird dreams about babies lately. Last night, I dreamt that I visited my brother and his wife for the first time since they had their baby. When I arrived, I was shocked to see one “Main Baby Thomas” and about 10 other “Secondary Baby Thomas’”. Well, after questioning my brother, I found out that his wife Liz, unbeknownst to me, had become pregnant with fertility drugs and there were a lot more babies than they had planned.

“Wow, Liz must be really tired breast feeding all of these babies.” I commented.

“Yes, she’s tired, but the other babies will be gone after about a year.” Ben replied.

“How so” I asked.

“Well,” Ben replied, “the babies were born with donated sperm and the donor definitely wants all of the left over babies.”

“Who would want 10 babies” I asked.

“Well,” Ben replied, “the donor is Bill Walton and he is excited about having the babies.”

“Wow”, I said, “Thomas is going to be TALL.”

“Yep.” Ben replied.

February 4, 2005

Best of both worlds

Yesterday, Andrea and I were able to see our babies for the first time in about two months. First of all, they’ve grown quite a bit (way to go guys!). But the best part is that we finally know what the sex is. Yes, Andrea and I are blessed to be expecting both a boy and a girl. I guess you could say we’re very efficient in the baby-making department (those of you who know Andrea wouldn’t doubt that for a second). The other interesting thing is that personalities are starting to develop. In a scene that I hope does not become a regular thing after they are born, the boy kept kicking his sister in the head during our ultrasound. He was so wiggly that the ultrasound lady commented, “don’t ask me to babysit him!” In another scene that I hope doesn’t become common, once we saw his little “tally wacker” (as the ultrasound lady called it), he kept wanting to show it to us. It seemed every time she moved the wand over him, we got a “thumbs up” from the little guy – only that wasn’t a thumb.

We’re now throwing around some names but nothing is definite. Andrea and I both have fathers who passed away when we were young and we wanted to honor them but my nephew Thomas is already named after my father and John (Andrea’s father) is not a first name that Andrea and I are really attached to. So, it remains to be seen what we are going to do. I’m sure it will turn out fine.

Knowing the sex of the babies has made this a lot more real. My excitement level has grown (if that’s possible) and I can’t wait to meet “whats-her-name” and “whats-his-name” real soon.


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