November 24, 2004

All I want for Christmas… Part II

In my prior post, I listed some high-cost toys but now I get a bit more practical.

First, is the Ryobi AirGrip Laser Level. This level is great for the one-man jobs around the house. It attaches to dry wall, wall paper and other similar services. I couldn’t find it at the Ryobi website, but it is sold at The Home Depot for $40.

Keeping with the home improvement theme, this hammer by Estwing, looks so cool, I’d go looking for things to hammer. It’s weight-forward design makes swinging it easy and drives in those pesky nails more efficiently. And it’s a steal at $30.

Finally, for the stocking stuffer, the most high tech razor around. The Gillette M3Power razor has a tiny motor that vibrates the three blades side to side to help saw through stubble, leaving your face as smooth as a baby’s (or two!) bottom.

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