November 3, 2012

Just like his dad

He is seven going on eighteen. The speed in which he is growing up continues to amaze me. The little hands that used to seem so fragile against my own are now big enough to throw a baseball and hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete at the same time.

And as he continues to grow, both physically and emotionally, I keep trying to remind myself that I am not only watching a child grow, I’m helping a boy grow into a man. I am keenly aware that how I act, what I say, how I say it, will have a lasting effect on who TheMonk becomes.

To this end, I have to say that it’s not easy. I have to practice patience when patience is in low supply. I have to listen when I’d rather tell. I have to give time, even when time is short.

I also need to remember that I am his father. I have to discipline when I’d rather look the other way. I have to say no when I’d really like to say yes. I have to teach that there are consequences to poor choices – even when I could easily shield him from the consequences.

And finally, I have to show him what it’s like to live freely. To love openly. To take risks when the reward can be great. To be honest, respectful, and caring. In short, I have show him the kind of man I want to be.

Only time will tell if I’m successful. But time is short and this is the one time where patience can’t be had. I hope that one day, he’ll look back on his childhood and recognize that his dad sure loved him. And that maybe being like his dad isn’t such a bad thing.


  1. And that sums it up fatherhood quite nicely.

    Comment by Always Home and Uncool — November 7, 2012 @ 6:26 am

  2. I wish I could have read your blogs when I was raising children…never mind you were just a child yourself! There are no do-overs on this.

    Comment by Aunt Raina — November 16, 2012 @ 8:08 am

  3. Enjoy these moments because they are fleeting.

    Comment by Mocha Dad — November 26, 2012 @ 8:40 am

  4. Beautifully written!

    Comment by Aina — November 30, 2012 @ 12:12 pm

  5. After a long day and evening of a sick 3YO boy wreaking havoc in our household, I went in to his room in the middle of the night after he cried out. He had a tired and peaceful look, while his breathing reflected his head cold.
    Your words mean so much, as I try to be patient, teach love, pass on good traits, etc. Thanks for sharing.

    The Cheeky Daddy

    Comment by Jason — December 19, 2012 @ 2:23 pm

  6. What a wonderful blog you have here. Thoughtful examinations of parenting, children, and all of the in betweens. Keep it up.

    Comment by Annie — December 19, 2012 @ 6:59 pm

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