January 17, 2006

Chef Baby-Ar-Dee

Now that we’re starting solids we have decided that while the pre-made baby food is just fine, it would be fun (and less expensive) if we made our own. So, I have been slaving away in the kitchen the past few nights perfecting my recipes, knowing I have to appeal to the most discriminating of palates - TheMonk and Bri’s.

I am proud to say that my hard work has paid off. I have created some absolute masterpieces (if I do say so myself). I am also keenly aware that some of you out there may not be as skillful in the kitchen as I am. Nor would you have the time or energy to concoct the perfect recipes based on trial and error. So, my friends, fear not. I am only too glad to share with you these recipes. It gives me great pleasure to know that these recipes will be passed down to future generations and provide nourishment for children for years to come. So, without further ado, here are my recipes. You might want to get a pen and paper or get your printer ready.

1) Take very ripe bananas
2) Put in blender
3) Puree


1) Slice peaches and throw away the pit.
2) Steam peaches
3) Put in blender
4) Puree

1) Slice pears and throw away the core
2) Steam pears
3) Put in blender
4) Puree

1) Slice squash after throwing out seeds
2) Steam squash
3) Remove outer rind
4) Put the rest in blender
5) Puree

Pour each puree into ice cube trays and freeze overnight. Put them in ziploc freezer bags and label and date them. This is crucial as it all looks pretty similar when they pop out of the trays.

I know what you’re thinking. You are in awe of my culinary skills. Don’t be intimidated by my vast knowledge of baby food. Instead, take advantage of all that I am passing along. In fact, feel free to spread these recipes far and wide. This is my gift to the human race.

You’re welcome.


  1. Okay, I’ll tell one very humiliating story and then leave so you can laugh at me…

    When the Munchkin started solid foods, I did much of the cooking myself (though I got lazier as she got older). And I even did up peas for her. I bought no-salt frozen peas, cooked them, and then attempted the impossible and tried to shell the stupid things. I got so tired of it that I eventually put them all into a very large wire mesh strainer and started MANUALLY scraping them through to get the pods off with a wooden spoon. When I was finished and had them in the ice cube trays to freeze, I called my mother to crow about my accomplishment. She asked why on earth had I gone to so much trouble and just thrown them in the blender, pods and all, because it’s just extra fiber. Good for a baby, in fact.

    I spent several days smacking myself with said wooden spoon. Never did that again. I did continue with the making of the food, though.

    Now I am going back into my corner to hide…

    Comment by Deanna — January 18, 2006 @ 12:33 am

  2. I did that for a while I really did try. I did mostly vegies all pureed, took sugar free canned fruit and mushed it with a fork (fresh fruit is WAY too expensive over here). I peatered out after a month and a half and just started buying Gerber baby. She loved the stuff.

    Comment by AndreainJapan — January 18, 2006 @ 5:38 am

  3. THank you!
    That is supper taken care of here at my house.

    Comment by gawdessness — January 18, 2006 @ 7:33 am

  4. Very nice… now, when you put it in the blender, do you have to put the lid on? As Bart Simpson once said, ‘I din’t get where I am today by putting lids on things.’

    Seriously though, I think you may have something here, you should send it in to Food Network. You could be their next new star… but if they cancel Rachel Ray for your show, we’ll have trouble.

    Comment by Kemp — January 18, 2006 @ 7:36 am

  5. We tried cooking our own baby food for awhile. Not just fruits and vegetables but chicken, fish, and other proteins. The whole experiment lasted about, umm, 5 days. Our kitchen looked like a bombed-out food laboratory. And you know what? The Peanut liked the organic stuff in jars better. Oh well. But if I had twins, I might give it another try. It certainly was cheaper than the jarred stuff.

    Comment by MetroDad — January 18, 2006 @ 8:43 am

  6. I did that with my fifth and last child. We had to puree food for my hubby’s grandmother as well, so we just did the two of them together. Unfortunately, the last time my MIL did a batch, she did too much and we still have it in the freezer over a year later. I’m afraid to take it out. LOL

    Comment by Julie — January 18, 2006 @ 8:53 am

  7. I’m not expecting, or expecting to be expecting anytime soon, and my boyfriend told me this weekend, that he’d like to make our own baby food when the day comes. Organic, of course!
    Please keep us up to date as to how this endevor pans out! I’d love to hear how much time it takes, and how they like it.

    Good Luck!

    Comment by Cherry — January 18, 2006 @ 11:10 am

  8. Have you tried carrot? Savannah loves carrot (she is 6.5 months) peel, steam, blend (we then add some breastmilk) = yum! Savannah also loves apple, pear, carrot with apple and carrot with cauliflower. I can handle the fruits and veggies fine, its when we move on to the proteins that I get a bit shakey…from what I remember with Teagan pureed chicken just looks a bit…well…yuck. Look forward to future recipes. :-) Take Care
    Ivoryfrog x

    Comment by Ivoryfrog — January 18, 2006 @ 1:33 pm

  9. I’m impressed!

    Hm…uh oh. I’m in the minority here. The only attempt I made at babyfood was with bananas. And I didn’t even puree them, just mushed them up with a fork. How the hell are my kids going to get into a good college with jarred babyfood! Ahhhhhhhh!

    Oh wait, that’s right, they’re probably better off if I don’t try to make babyfood. My husband does most of the cooking for a reason. Phew!

    Comment by Andie D. — January 18, 2006 @ 2:55 pm

  10. I tried doing that with some fruits and stuff, but my son wouldnt eat most of it. He would, however, eat the jar stuff. So…I stopped trying. Good for you tho, i think it’s great. :)

    Comment by Kristie — January 18, 2006 @ 9:47 pm

  11. When is your cook boom coming out? :-))


    Comment by AdventureDad — January 19, 2006 @ 5:47 am

  12. you are far better parents that we… i made it just shy of two weeks making bean’s food. Ultimately, my desire to not spend half of every Sunday steaming and pureeing food gave over to my desire to lovingly prepare home cooked goods for my child.

    Thank you, earth’s best and gerber.

    Now that he is on table foods, my laziness is a little less justified.

    Comment by tpon — January 19, 2006 @ 8:31 am

  13. You are joking about the complexity of your “recipes,” but I am not a ashamed to admit that in my post-partum state, there is no WAY I would have been able to do that. If it weren`t for jarred foods, I think my kids would have starved.

    Comment by L. — January 19, 2006 @ 9:52 am

  14. Both of my kids wouldn’t touch the baby food a couple weeks after they started getting teeth. They both got the first one at 5mos. Monkey Boy is 3 now and Peanut is going to be 1 next month. They eat everything we’ve given them (whew!)We’ve realized that we saved a butt load of money but I would have LOVED to go homemade organic. I have some recipe books for it too. Maybe when we get settled in the new house. Sigh.

    Good Luck

    Comment by Trish — January 19, 2006 @ 10:19 pm

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