November 23, 2005

Who would love a guy in this shirt?

So, I was perusing the Internet and I came across a picture that I just had to share.

Scott and Colleen

Now, the woman on the right is gorgeous and could have anyone she wanted and apparently she chose the guy in the hideous hawaiian shirt (I’m assuming the only reason she’s wearing an equally ugly shirt is because she’s trying not to show him up – the poor guy already has enough problems, he doesn’t need his wife to outdress him too!). Now, I’m certain he has some good qualities. I mean, I believe he has an Olympic gold medal (not something I have lying around my house, that’s for sure) and, yes, there’s the muscular swimmer’s body that I’m sure is lying underneath that hideous hawaiian shirt (something else that isn’t found around this house, I’ll tell you that) or perhaps it’s the fact that he’s real tight with Muhammad Ali. Or maybe it’s all of that combined with the obvious love he has for her as he would send her scurrying around the Internet visiting favorite bloggers (I’m honored, by the way) on her way to her Anniversary wishes.

Happy Third Anniversary Colleen and Scott – I hope you have a baby sitter!

(By the way, Colleen, your next link lies somewhere on this page)

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