October 5, 2004

Who can I tell?

As I waited in line to place my Starbucks order, the lady in front of me ordered a decaf something or other. It seemed a complicated order for a single cup of coffee but the barista had no trouble comprehending her and I got the impression that she was a regular and ordered this drink frequently.

Sure enough, the barista confirmed this by asking if he made the drink correctly.

Woman: Yeah, but are you surprised I ordered a decaf
Barista: Well, now that you mention it…
W: It’s because, well I haven’t been to the doctor yet, but I’m 6 to 8 weeks pregnant.
B: Congratulations!
W: Thanks. I’m excited.
B: (after a pause to put whipped cream on the coffee) You’re married, right
W: Oh, yeah.
B: Well that’s a plus.
W: Yes.

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