October 27, 2004

NOT singing in the rain

I have lived in San Diego for over 2 years now. In that time, it has rained only a handful of times. We recently went six straight months without rain – a San Diego record. The past week it has rained twice and both times it rained long and hard. Today, we received about 2 inches of rain – quite an amount for San Diego. Did I mention that I was supposed to be running a charity golf tournament today No Well, I was. I’m trying not to be bitter. It’s just hard to swallow when it goes six months with no rain and then it rains the day my golf tournament was to be held. Six months of preparation and we managed to postpone the entire tournament in four hours.

To top that off, it has become extremely apparent that San Diegans simply do not know how to drive in the rain. In fact, I’m convinced that they go a bit crazy as soon as raindrops hit the ground. Driving 80 mph in driving rain No problem – except when you end up spun around against the median divide. Gonna miss your exit No problem – just cut across three lanes in the rain while people slam on their brakes to avoid you.


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