October 13, 2004

New York State of Mind

I spent parts of this past weekend in New York City. Observations from my weekend…

  1. Food sold by the pound is a great concept.
  2. Driving a big, American luxury towncar in NYC is a real rush.
  3. If you’ve lived there for six years, it’s hard to match the enthusiasm of someone who’s on their second trip ever (Sorry Sweetie).
  4. EVERYTHING is expensive. (i.e. $30 to park your car for 4 – 24 hours)
  5. The only thing less expensive in NYC than San Diego is gas.
  6. Everyone gets a tip (and not, “don’t wear stripes with plaid.”)
  7. Musty-urine subway smell is the smell I most identify as being “New York”.
  8. If you want good italian pastry, New York City is the place.
  9. A FRRROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE at Serendipity’s is heavenly.
  10. To make it in NYC you need comfortable shoes.

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