August 20, 2004

Olympic Spirit

The Olympics are a weird thing for me. I cannot watch women’s (come on, it’s girls and we all know it) gymnastics without feeling a huge amount of anxiety. I blame the announcers and NBC’s need to paint the bleakest picture of how this young girl/woman from some former eastern bloc country had to overcome the death of her parents, the ending of her country and abject poverty to arrive at this moment. A gold medal will promise her a lifetime of security that she could never have otherwise.

And it never fails. The girl falls.

And I spend the rest of the night wondering how this young girl will ever live a normal life.

On the other hand, I find myself rooting for American’s in sports I didn’t even know existed (did you know that trampoline is a sport). I also find great pleasure watching the Chinese fail. I’m not sure why.

Although the words “commie scum” comes out of my mouth quite often.

Somewhere Ronald Reagan is smiling.

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