August 25, 2004

My life as a dog

I have been taking care of a friend’s dog the past week or so. I have looked after Jake a few times in the past year and a half and I have grown quite fond of him. And while he’s a pretty quirky dog, I started to notice that the way Jake approaches life would be a good way for many of us. Here’s some lessons I’ve learned from Jake…

1) Don’t respond to the barking of other dogs – stay focused on what you’re doing and mark your territory. Jake never barks back at dogs we encounter on our walks. He doesn’t even ackowledge them. He just keeps sniffin’ and peein’. I imagine that he doesn’t feel he needs to respond, since he’s peeing in their front yard.

2) Be kind to the elderly. There is a woman in the neighborhood that has to be near 100 years old. We see her being walked by her young attendant sometimes. Jake always approaches carefully and then lets the old lady pet him.

3) Always show appreciation for others. I sometimes sit with Jake after our walk and watch t.v. so he has someone to hang out with before I leave. Jake always curls up next to me on the couch. And he always seems to end up licking my face.

4) Keep a sunny disposition and everyone will like you. Jake knows everybody in the neighborhood. Jake gets more waves than a beauty queen in a parade.

5) Even when there’s a pressing need, make time to say hello. Jake always has to pee really bad by the time I get there in the morning. However, he jumps around and lets me pet him before we head outside.

6) We all have our weaknesses. Alas, Jake is a loveable wimp. Jake lives with two cats and one of the cats torments Jake. Jake is afraid of this cat. It’s a sad sight but we overlook it because he’s got so much personality.

And finally,

7) Exercise keeps you regular. I have learned a trick to make Jake poop so I don’t have to worry about him doing it in the house. After he’s peed and we’ve walked about half a block, I run him for one block. We run down the street at a high speed. He usually goes within 40 feet of our stopping.

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