August 27, 2004

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Last week I had my first Homeowners Association meeting. I am one of two homeowners on the board of this newly created Association. The other members are representatives of the builders who are building our lovely community. Most of the meeting consisted of us reviewing the list of homeowners who haven’t submitted plans for the landscaping of their front yard. Many were months overdue. The liaison to the organization that is running our community suggested we implement fines. We agreed this was prudent and decided $50 was sufficient to get the homeowners attention. There were probably 30 names on the list, each listed separately. The chair asked for a motion to fine each homeowner not in compliance $50. I responded by saying, “So moved.”

I got the minutes of that meeting in the mail the other day. In the minutes it says the following for each of the thirty homeowners…

First it lists the name and address of the offending homeowner. Then it reads…

Member was requested to appear before the board for non-submittal of plans.
The homeowner did not appear before the board as requested. A motion was made by Matthew, seconded by John Norman and carried, for a $50.00 fine to be levied for non-compliance. The homeowner will be allowed 15 days to submit plans or the fine will be applied to their account.

It says my name on EVERY SINGLE ONE.

I will now be introducing myself to my fellow neighbors as “Chuck.”

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