August 26, 2004

Jail Break

The prisoners ran all over their rookie warden today.

As I mentioned before, I’m taking care of friend’s pets while they are on vacation. There are two cats (Pancho and Tex) and a dog (Jake). Today, as I stepped out onto the front patio of their third story condo, I kept the door slightly cracked as I watered the plants. Before I knew it, the three amigos had conspired to open the door. In a flash all three were making a break for it.

Jake was the fastest and he took off for the stairs like a dog on a mission. The younger, smaller cat Pancho was second and heading the same way. Tex, looking a bit bewildered, froze midway between the door and the stairway to freedom.

I had to act fast. I knew Jake wouldn’t get far because the downstairs gate was closed. So I quickly passed up Tex, who still didn’t have a clue, and went after Pancho. I grabbed him just as he reached the stairs. I then spun around, cat in hand, to go after Tex. Tex knew he didn’t want to get caught, but unable to get by me he went the other way. I grabbed him in one quick swoop and quickly dumped them inside and closed the door.

Meanwhile, Jake had been reveling in his new-found freedom. He was racing around the courtyard trying to find a way out onto the streets. It’s as if he suddenly yearned for the open road and couldn’t wait another minute. I finally collared him (literally) as he danced around me, thinking this was some fun new game. I ushered him upstairs and made my second rookie mistake of the day. I relaxed.

As he felt my fingers slip off his collar, off went Jake again. Down the stairs to start the game all over again. I raced down and, now wise to his ways, quickly cornered him. This time I didn’t let go of him until we were in the condo with the door shut.

The three amigos all stared at me as I closed the door. I swear they were laughing.

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