June 20, 2004

Man’s Domain

I finished setting up my garage today. Now, understand, I have never spent much time in a garage. We owned a condo in my younger years where there was nothing more than a car port. When we did move to a place with a garage, it quickly became a storage area and a place I dreaded because I knew I might need to clean it sometime.

Furthermore, as a result of growing up with a single mother, I can’t say I have had a lot of experience with tools. In the carport days, when we needed a screw driver or pliers, I would run out to my mom’s BMW and pull out the little tool kit that came in the trunk of the car.

But now I have my own garage. I have put down a protective coating on the floor, I have installed cabinets and a work bench and I have hung the bicycles on the wall. We have also put in a treadmill with a TV located in one of the cabinets. What can I say I like my garage. It’s clean, neat and there’s a place for everything. I have become quite good at assembling pre-fabricated shelving and furniture. Now, for some unexplained reason, I have the urge to build things out of real wood. Now if only I can convince my wife I need a miter saw.

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