March 27, 2004

Top 10 Ways To Know Your Life is Consumed with Buying a House

10) Start referring to the cost of items in it’s “point” equivalent (e.g. That sofa costs an eighth of a point!)
9) You start wondering if the color of your ice cream would make a good paint color
8) You skip the front page and sports page of the morning paper and go straight to the Home Depot insert
7) “10 Deductions Homeowners miss” article on-line gets priority over “Watch live MLB games on your computer”
6) TLC & HGTV now are watched more often than ESPN and FOX Sports Net.
5) You can name at least 4 different refrigerator manufacturers.
4) You’ve visited IKEA five times without buying a thing (meatballs don’t count)
3) Conversations with friends revolve around best places to buy home accessories.
2) You have your mortgage broker’s number on speed dial.
1) Holy Crap! We’re buying a house!

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