March 30, 2004

Surf Buddy

I like my MSN start up page. I know that by proclaiming my affection for anything developed by the evil Microsoft, that I risk condemnation and ridicule, but damn it, I like my MSN start up page.

For example, here is a sample of what I found today on my MSN start up page:

1) Today is the anniversary of President Reagan’s assasination attempt.
2) Lake Mead, the body of water behind the Hoover Dam, holds enough water to cover the state of Pennsylvania to a depth of 1 foot.
3) The definition of the word “cathiodermie:” beauty treatment: a beauty treatment in which an electric current is passed over the skin, through a special gel with which the skin is covered
4) Last week, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation beat American Idol (Tuesday) in the Nielsen Ratings.

See! How can I get that type of information anywhere else

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