March 30, 2004

Child’s Pay?

A good friend of mine, who is a mother, related to me that she is sending her child to a private school. I’ve always had an aversion to private schools – mostly because I don’t want to believe that education has to be classist. I, myself, am a product of public school and went on to get an Ivy League education. I would like to believe that anyone with the smarts and dedication could do what I did. But perhaps I’m living in fantasy land. My friend told me that while she is spending about $4,500 a year to send her child to Kindergarten, her son’s best friend is going to a private school that costs $17,000 a year.

Seventeen thousand dollars. Per year.

How can someone possibly live up to this “investment” Will $17K a year guarantee success Will this child see this $17K a year as an entitlement to things that others might want but can’t have SEVENTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! Damn.

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