December 4, 2007

Perfect Post – A Day Late

I’m so tired from the NaBloPoMo thing that I totally forgot to hand out my “perfect post” award for November.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how fast the twins are growing up. Each new milestone is something to celebrate, to be sure, but it is also bittersweet in knowing that each milestone takes me one step closer to my babies growing up.

The Original Perfect Post Awards

Clare’s Dad wrote a lovely post about little changes over time and so perfectly captures the feeling of time passing by without us even realizing it. I read this post and thought, “Yeah, that is so right.” So, I have awarded him the “Perfect Post” Award for November.

Go read for yourself and then take a look at the other perfect posts over at Petroville and Suburban Turmoil.

December 2, 2007

You just can’t trust Santa these days.

We’ve been prepping Swee’Pea and TheMonk about visiting Santa for the past several weeks hoping to avoid a repeat of last year’s screaming photo. After all, Swee’pea does have a history of wigging out when it comes to mystical creatures.

As we waited for Santa’s arrival, both TheMonk and Swee’Pea seemed relaxed. They ran around with the other boys and girls and had a great time. Santa got caught up at the North Pole and arrived about 20 minutes later than scheduled. As he got out of his Honda Accord sleigh and approached the outdoor area where his chair was set up, TheMonk caught sight of him while in my arms. Before I realized what was happening, TheMonk squirmed out of my arms and raced up to Santa. Santa, not seeing the 32 inch Monk, walked by him and proceeded towards his chair. TheMonk, not to be deterred, followed in hot pursuit…

chasing santa

After I chased him down – right as he was about to tackle Mr. Claus – we proceeded to our spot in line and waited our turn. Soon, it was our turn to greet the Big Guy and his lovely wife.

We sat the twins down on the laps and I immediately awaited for the inevitable Swee’Pea meltdown. Tears and screaming surely accompanied by some ferocious kicking were sure to follow. I cringed and prepared myself to jump in and rescue Swee’Pea from the vicious claws of Mrs. Claus.

Only it didn’t happen.

Smiles were had all around. Daddy snapped photos and TheMonk got down to business, telling Santa that he wanted a “New Mater Car” for Christmas.

Talking to Santa
“I want a new Mater Car, Santa.”

Swee’Pea, meanwhile, seemed to be enjoying sitting on Mrs. Claus’ lap. She even whispered to Mrs. Claus that she wanted “Cookies, Milk and Carrots” for Christmas – which is a small miracle considering it usually takes her some time to warm up to strangers. (We told her we leave these items for Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve and she is convinced that’s what she gets for Christmas) But, she seemed to hit it off with The Mrs. and the friendship was sealed when she was given a nice, new candy cane.

Swee'Pea & Mrs. Claus

As we came in to take them off the laps, I was ready to count our blessings and get the heck out of Dodge. But Santa insisted that Swee’Pea get some one-on-one time with Santa. “What the heck.” I thought. We got some good photos already so the rest would be gravy. But, I’ll be damned if Swee’Pea didn’t just love sitting with Santa.

Swee'Pea & Santa

So we snapped some great photos (the “professional” photos from the actual photographer will be emailed to us later this week) and that was that.

Twins with Santa

Mrs. Claus smiling at TheMonk

The day wasn’t over, however. TheMonk, realizing that his time with Santa had just gone by in a split second, came to the realization that he had just asked Santa for a “New Mater Car” and Santa did not deliver. “I WANT MY NEW MATER CAR!!!!” TheMonk begins to scream.

Not understanding that Santa will bring that car 24 long days from now, TheMonk feels that the Big Guy in the Red Suit was a big phony. He held up his end of the bargain. He got dressed up. He sat on the lap. He asked for the darn toy. And Santa did not follow through on his end of the bargain. “I WANT MY NEW MATER CAR!!!” TheMonk continued to scream.

And he cried and kicked and screamed all the way to the car. So, we almost made it through a photo session without anyone crying.

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